Registration System: Account Setup Instructions


FAES uses cventTM for online registrations. The contract terms and conditions are negotiated by the university and the pricing for FAES is negotiated by FAES Finance. FAES Finance grants access to the system but we do not provide site setup, maintenance or conference planning.

Payments made are completed through a redirect to CyberSource® – an online payment processor approved by the university.

A unit who uses the system will need someone to:

  • design and create the registration page
  • manage the registration page as customers register and answer customer questions
  • reconcile the payments related to the registration and refund payments as needed

Initial setup to use the system follows these steps:

  • Setup a merchant account (allow 3-4 weeks)
  • Take training and submit for access (allow 1-2 days)
  • Design, publish and maintain the event page


The registration system and merchant accounts will be funded centrally by FAES  in order to encourage user implementation and decrease administrative burden. The goal is to use one system for most of our registration needs to create an efficient and easy process. The only fees that will be covered by individual units will be the merchant fees and the university overhead.

Fee Type Summary for 2017

Fee Type

Covered by

Cost to the Unit as of 1/1/2017

Payment Card Merchant Fees (Amex® , Discover® , Visa® , etc)

The unit using the system

Average rate is 2.2%. Fees vary from 1.5% - 4.5% depending on the card issuer and type of rewards.

University overhead for 
earnings funds (11xxxx)

The unit using the system

5.7% on all deposits
University Overhead Rate

Merchant Account Fees CyberSource® 

FAES Administration


Registration System Fees 

FAES Administration



Merchant Account Setup (allow 3-4 weeks)

The merchant account allows the revenue and fees for events to directly charge the university general ledger. Most units will have only one account. But in some instances multiple accounts may make sense. See the instructions on the Merchant Account Setup Form.

Process steps:

1.     The Unit Fiscal Administrator completes the Merchant Account (MA) Setup Form
2.     FAES Finance submits the request to our bank to establish the MA. (approx. 2 weeks)
3.     FAES Finance submits MA information to establish the processor account (approx. 1 week)
4.     FAES Finance creates a unit and MA in the registration system (approx. 1 week)

Questions? Jesse Buxton

How many merchant accounts do you need?

Generally each unit (i.e. Academic Unit, Administrative Unit, County) will have one merchant account that can be tied to one chartfield string. This means if there are multiple users in the system all of the money will be deposited to one location. It will need to be tracked or moved to a different chartfield with a journal entry. If your unit uses the system frequently and would like more than one account contact Cindy Buxton for the criteria where that is appropriate. Usually this would be allowable if:

1.     You have more than one user using the system, and
2.     They are collecting money during the same accounting period, and
3.     The anticipated volume and frequency of use is high.

The merchant accounts have a cost that is being paid for centrally by FAES, so the number of accounts will be restricted to keep costs low. 

Registration System User Setup (allow 1-2 days)

  • All users with access to a university provided software must have their own username and password. DO NOT SHARE!
  • Users must be university employees or student employees.
  • Users must never take a payment card number and enter it into your computer – the customer must enter it on their own device.

Process steps:

1.     Take Training:

If this is your first time accessing online training on BuckeyeLearn, it may appear that the content is "stuck" while loading. Access the BuckeyeLearn Disable Pop-Up Blocker Guide to learn more about how to disable pop-up blocking for the BuckeyeLearn site.

  • Search PCI: Register and launch the course “Payment Card Industry (PCI)”.
    Complete the online training, the assessment and the certification statement in order to complete the course.
  • Search Institutional Data: Register and launch the curriculum “Protecting Institutional Data”.
    Complete the online training and assessment.

2.     Complete the Registration System Access Request Form 

Questions? Jesse Buxton

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