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The Ohio State University will pay for reasonable and necessary expenses incurred by faculty, staff, students and eligible guests for pre-authorized business travel on behalf of The Ohio State University. 

An individual is considered on travel status when traveling on official university business whether or not expenses are to be paid by the university. For daily commuting to and from home/work location(s), an individual is not considered in travel status and therefore not eligible for travel payments. 


Travel Tools Format Description
Travel Approvers Access and Checklist pdf Guide to getting access to become a travel approver
Travel Arrangers Access pdf Guide to getting access to become a travel arranger. 
Overnight Pre-trip Travel pdf Guide to the pre-trip overnight travel process. (Slides)
YouTube video Guide to the pre-trip overnight travel process. (Video)
Overnight Post-trip Travel pdf Guide to the post-trip overnight travel process. (Slides)
YouTube video Guide to the post-trip overnight travel process. (Video)

Daily Mileage Training       Printable Slides and Resources

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Once in BuckeyeLearn use the search tool and type “Mileage”. Click through to Request and Launch the training. 

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Training for employees on the correct procedures and calculation methods for use of personal vehicles for university business.

Travel Quick Reference Guide pdf Basic information for travel and paperwork routing
Electronic Approvals Job Aid pdf Instructions for obtaining electronic approvals in lieu of signatures
Driving vs Flying worksheet MS excel Guide to preparing cost comparisons when driving to non-contiguous states for overnight travel reimbursements
Rental Car Requirements Job Aid MS word Guide to policies and procedures when requesting a rental car for business travel
Parking at the Airport Guide Weblink Traveler should choose long term, surface lot parking whenever possible. The maximum cost permitted will be equivalent to the highest long term surface lot parking at each airport.
Per Diem Job Aid pdf Instructions for calculating per diem (meals & incidentals) reimbursements for overnight travel
OSU Travel Office help page ( Weblink Instructions for booking pre-paid airfare for business travel using as assigned T Number. Includes written instructions and videos from the OSU Travel Office.
University Travel Policy (2.11) Weblink University travel policy
FAQ - Relocation Expenses FAQ Instructions for reporting relocation expenses for employees.
FAQ – Accommodations via the ADA Office FAQ Instructions for individuals requiring a travel accommodation for personal or medical reasons.
Detail training for Entering a T Number PDF Instructions for employees to request their own T number in eTravel.

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