PCard Application/Maintenance Request

It’s recommended employees have internal dialogue with department CCM prior to completing the CFAES PCard webform. New accounts and edits to existing accounts must have CCM approval. Please carefully read the information below before submitting your request.

PCard Application/Maintenance Request Webform

Process Overview

  • Please do not submit completed PCard forms directly to the University PCard Office. 
  • All PCard forms are internally facilitated by the CFAES Service Center. 
  • Using information from the completed webform below the CFAES Service Center will complete the required University forms using DocuSign for approvals and signatures.
  • Please review all below information prior to completing the CFAES PCard webform. Questions and options in the webform are summarized below.   

PCard Types, Uses and Funding

The PCard Office website lists card options and descriptions of each for both University and OSP. 

OSP PCards

The University and OSP utilize the same PCard program. OSP retired the AMEX program. Applications and maintenance requests for OSP PCards are also facilitated by the CFAES Service Center on behalf of cardholders/card managers. However, OSP requests will additionally workflow (via DocuSign) to OSP for approval prior to final submission by the PCard Office. 

Information related to OSP PCards is located at https://osp.osu.edu/administration/procurement/purchasing-basics/

  • NOTE:  University PCards may only be used for non-OSP grant funded purchases. In turn, OSP PCards may only be used for OSP grant funded purchases. The different funding sources are not interchangeable on the same PCard. Individuals are permitted to be assigned both a UNIV and OSP PCard issued if approved by department CCM. 

Understanding PCard Roles and Responsibilities

Workday implementation introduced new PCard training, roles, responsibilities, and system entry requirements. Cardholders/card managers must agree to adhere to all University requirements at time of issuance. PCard related information is available at:

NOTE:  In addition to PCard required training the University requires that each system user annually complete “Institutional Data Policy Training” (IDPT) to maintain access to Workday. This course is accessed through BuckeyeLearn.

Amazon Business Account 

CFAES cardholders/card managers are eligible to join the University’s Amazon Business Account. The OSU Amazon Business Account must be used for university business purposes only and no personal purchases may be made from a University email (name.#) in the OSU Amazon Business Account. All business-related purchases must comply with University policy and business standards.

UNIV Cardholders/Card Managers can request access to the Amazon Business Account when they submit their PCard request or by reaching out to the CFAES Service Center.

OSP Cardholders/Card Managers should work with the GSSC to request access to their group.

PCard Pick-up Procedures

The most current University and CFAES PCard procedures are located at cfaesfinance.osu.edu/cfaes-resource-guides/pcard-pickup-procedures


PCard Application/Maintenance Request Webform