University Service Agreement Request Form

If it is determined there are no catalog/contracted skilled trades providers that can meet the department’s business requirements, customers requiring the use of non-catalog skilled trades providers must follow the steps to utilize the supplier to perform services. A fully executed agreement must be signed prior to commencing work.

Service Agreement Request Form


University Service Agreement FAQs

What is a University Service Agreement?

A process that must occur prior to specific services performed by non-catalog suppliers. The process verifies the non-contracted supplier meets mandatory criteria, including:

  • Insurance Coverage: Meets both University and State financial levels.
  • Licensing/Certification: Supplier holds required licenses/certifications required per the scope of work.
  • State of Laws: Supplier’s business practices operate within State laws.


Does the process apply to existing University-wide catalog suppliers?

No. The University selects catalog suppliers through the competitive bid process. All bid awardees are vetted for above criteria prior to a University-wide contract being issued.


Who in the University enforces the Service Agreement process?

University Leadership directed several central units to collaborate for collective oversight and enforcement. Central units include Legal Affairs, Risk Management, FDC/FOD, EHS, etc. Purchasing facilitates the process on behalf of the central units who are required to review the scope of work applicable to their area of oversight.


What is a “scope of work”?

A written detailed explanation of each individual service-based need. It should include any technical and/or supplier documentation (quote, proposal, terms/conditions, contract, etc.).


What factors determine if a University Service Agreement is required?

If the service spend category is classified as “skilled trades” (e.g. plumber, electrician, HVAC, welding, etc.). The related spend categories are listed near the end of this document.


What if the above is unclear for a specific service need?

A current quote and service agreement request form will be sent to the Commodity Manager with the scenario asking for clarification regarding the need of a service agreement. Once clarified with Purchasing, if the service agreement is needed, the department will work with the Commodity Manager to execute the service agreement.


Does this process apply to all supplier types (corporations, LLCs, independent contractors)?

Yes. All service-based non-catalog suppliers must be reviewed for applicability of a University Service Agreement.


If the same non-catalog supplier is used for multiple scopes of work can the same Service Agreement apply?

The Commodity Manager will assess each situation/scope of work/ect. to determine.


What if emergency repair is needed?

The University recognizes emergencies occur and can result in disruption to daily operations. If an emergency occurs it’s acceptable to proceed in bypassing the Service Agreement process and have the repair completed. The University’s expectation is appropriate judgment be exercised when assessing the degree of emergency or impact to daily operations. Emergency-based repairs must be documented on the requisition.


University Service Agreement Process


CFAES Department

Enters a requisition and attaches:

  • A completed “CFAES Service Agreement Request” form.
  • All supplier documentation (quote, proposal, terms/conditions, contract, etc.).
  • Documents must be dated less than 30-days.


CFAES Service Center

Reviews and forwards all information to Purchasing (including CCM).

Sends requisition back to the CCM to attach executed service agreement or exception approval from Commodity Manager.


Reviews and forwards to applicable central units.

Central Units

Guide Purchasing on supplier requirements.

Legal Affairs

Issues a contract with the non-catalog supplier. Purchasing facilitates.


Requests supplier to submit documentation supporting the central unit’s requirements.

Informs CCM of executed service agreement.

CFAES Department

Attaches executed service agreement to the requisition.

CFAES Service Center

Continues standard procurement process for purchase order.


For more information surrounding Service Agreements, the following University resource is available at


Spend Categories

Service requests that fall into these spend categories are subject to review prior to service. This list is not exhaustive and service agreements may be circumstantial.


•          Cleaning Services (SC10514)

•          Construction and Maintenance Services Specialized Trade (SC10520)

•          Construction Machinery and Equipment (SC10594)

•          Construction Services - Heavy Construction (SC10715)

•          Construction Services - Nonresidential Building (SC10716)

•          Construction Services - Residential Building (SC10717)

•          Copier Rental (SC10562)

•          Copiers (SC10729)

•          Copying Services (SC10559)

•          Facility Maintenance and Repair Services (SC10526)

•          Labels and Tags (SC10480)

•          Manufacturing Technology Services (SC10572)

•          Office Accessories (SC10472)

•          Office Equipment not copiers (SC10629)

•          Office Supplies not paper (SC10473)

•          Paper - Copier and Printer (SC10488)

•          Paper not copier or printer paper (SC10489)

•          Pest Control Products (SC10380)

•          Pest Control Services (SC10527)

•          Power Equipment - Atomic and Nuclear (SC10631)

•          Power Equipment – Generators (SC10637)

•          Power Generation Equipment (SC10731)

•          Power Supplies - Engines Motors and Components (SC10633)

•          Preventive Maintenance (SC10766)

•          Printing and Publishing Accessories (SC10638)

•          Printing and Publishing Equipment not copiers (SC10639)

•          Printing and Publishing Services not copying (SC10563)

•          Professional Services - Architectural and Engineering (SC10509)

•          Professional Services - Environmental Science (SC10722)

•          Professional Services - Soil and Water Management (SC10582)

•          Scientific Professional Services (SC10574)

•          Security Equipment (SC10643)

•          Security Supplies (SC10497)

•          Signage (SC10703)

•          Signage Equipment (SC10642)

•          Waste Removal - Hazardous (SC10586)

•          Waste Removal - Recycling (SC10587)

•          Waste Removal not recycling or hazardous (SC10588)

•          Weapons and Ammunition (SC10501)