Financial Forms
Asset Management Forms
Payment Card (credit card) Forms
PCard (procurement card) Forms
Tax Forms
Travel Forms
Extension Forms

Financial Forms

Authorization to Seek Off Campus Funding Form (ePA-005) - an online Office of Sponsored Programs Form that should be completed and submitted by the principal investigator as the proposal is being completed before the proposal is submitted to the potential funder

Conflict of Interest Form (e-COI) - an online form that is completed by various employees annually, allowing individuals to self report potential conflicts of interest

Deposit Transmittal Form to be used as backup for all deposits for CFAES units.

Deposit Exemption Formto be submitted to be excluded from Deposit Transmittal Form requirement. Required annually. 

Endowment Transfer Form - to transfer funds to the principal of an endowment fund. Submit to Service Center for processing and signatures

eReports Reconciliation Certification Form - to certify monthly that eReports have been reconciled 

Exception Form - to request College approval for financial policy exceptions

Expense Transfer Form - to request corrections to Chartfield and to pay for specific expenses between University departments

Financial Systems Access Request Form - to gain access to University systems such as eRequest, eReports, eTravel and PeopleSoft

Food and Beverage Documentation Form - to gather needed information to document food and beverage purchases - attach to an eRequest

Fund Transfer Form - RARE- to request the movement of cash from one University fund to another University fund that is not associated with an expense (see Expense Transfer)

Internal Vendor Use Form - to notify the Business Office when you will be sharing the Columbus Business Office Internal Vendor information on eRequest - Internal Orders. (Instruction document)

Internal Vendor Setup Form - to set up a university department to receive Internal Orders in eRequest. *NOTE: This is for internal use only. Use the "Vendor Setup Form" below for external/non-university vendors.

Invoice Template - to bill internal and external customers for money due

Office of Sponsored Programs Cost Transfer Form - to transfer expenses on UNIV funds to an OSP project number

Promotional Items Checklist - This form should be used to ensure that initiators are adding all necessary documentation to an eRequest for promotional items

Release Time and Cost Share Form - to bill Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) projects for payroll expenses

Vendor Setup Form - formerly AP Payment Compliance Form/Vendor Profile Form - to set up new vendors for payment via Convenience Order, eTravel or Purchase Order

Asset Management Forms 

New Assets

Asset Disposal

  • Columbus campus Disposal Request Form - to request surplus disposal
  • Off campus Disposal Request Form - for off campus equipment tracked within the financial system. Equipment that is off campus and not tracked in the financial system doesn't need a form. Follow disposal guidelines and move items to the historical tab of your equipment log. 
  • Interdepartmental Transfer Form - to transfer an item tagged within the financial system to another department
  • Retirement Form - to dispose of items that are tagged within the financial system (capitalized and non capitalized equipment)

Payment Card (credit card) Forms

Merchant Account Setup Form - to create a new merchant account for accepting payments via phone terminal, online system or registration system. 

Payment Card UsersAnnual form to report users of phone terminals and online systems (excluding FAES registration system). 

Registration System Access Request Form - Report to establish new users in the FAES registration system.

Payment Card Monthly Inspection Checklist - a printable form used to verify the security of payment card phone terminals. 

Payment Card Users Form - Use to report new employees who will have access to your payment card phone terminal or online payment card account

PCard (procurement card) Forms

PCard Application and Maintenance Request Form - to request initiation of a DocuSign PCard Application or PCard Maintenance Form

PCard Tracking Log - to track transactions purchased on a department card

PCard Overnight Tracking Form - Optional form for units to grant permission to take the department card out overnight

Tax Forms

City of Columbus Hotel/Motel Sales Tax Form - to document tax exempt status when staying within City limits

IRS Form W-9 - to be used when requested by a vendor

Sales Tax Exemption Form - State of Ohio - to document tax exempt status when purchasing within the State of Ohio

Sales Tax Reporting Form - to report sales tax collected on University sold items

Travel Forms

Driver Registration Form - to document permission to use state owned vehicles.

Mileage Log for Calendar Year 2018 - to document daily mileage for business travel ($0.545/mile).

Mileage Log for Calendar Year 2017  - to document daily mileage for business travel ($0.535/mile).

Travel Request InstructionsUse these instructions to request a T number for overnight travel. For non-employee travelers please complete a Travel Request Form

Travel Reimbursement Form (CY2018) - submit for reimbursement of overnight travel expenses. For CY2017 form click here.

University Vehicles


Extension Forms

4-H Volunteer Background Check Reimbursement Form - Due the 15th of each month for submitted volunteer background check reimbursements. 

Application for State Support for Professional Presentations - to request up to $300 in support for an Extension related presentation

Budget Forms

Calendar Year Budget Worksheet - (optional) to manually track month to month expenses for a fund, sometimes used for County Commissioner budgeting

County Appropriation Authorization Form - to report appropriation awards and request the Business Office to invoice for appropriations and other contracts

Program Activity Summary Worksheet  - (optional) to track activity by program in a County

Program Budget Tool - (optional) to track revenue and expenses by program in a County

Workshop Budget Worksheet - (optional) to plan and report expenses for workshops

Contract Submission Form - Space Rentals - to document liability questions regarding space use agreements - attach to an eRequest

Fiscal Volunteer Agreement Form - to designate a specific volunteer to be able to help collect and recording incoming cash and checks

Insurance Tracking Form - to track insurance payments paid from the checking account or PCard

Local Checking Account 

Bank Reconciliation Form - January - to report bank reconciliation and statements in January for local checking accounts

Bank Reconciliation Form - July - to report bank reconciliation and statements in July for local checking accounts

Local Checking Account Supplies - Safeguard Order Form - to order cash receipt journals, cash receipts and cash disbursement journals

Local Checking Account Tools  - three tools to track transactions processed from the Extension local checking accounts

Multi-State Extension Activity Reporting Form - to track Multi-State Extension activity not reported on the monthly survey or in RiV

New Director Checklist - checklist for new Directors relating to access to systems and approval authority

Transfer Forms

In-Service Payment Form - used to transfer funds between departments for in-service registration fees

PAT Forms

PAT Registration Tracking Form - for registrations that have not been entered/captured by CVENT





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