FAES Merchant Account Setup Form

FAES Merchant Account Setup Form

In order to accept payments via a payment card (credit or debit) a unit must first establish a merchant account.
This merchant account then connects to a payment processor (i.e. online processor, phone terminal). 

This form should be used by business managers and financial personnel in a unit that would like to establish a new merchant account for their unit. 

Allow four weeks to establish a merchant account. 

The form contains the following sections:

  • Basic Information - Captures the business manager's name who is requesting the merchant account, their unit name and their email address. 
  • Merchant Account Information  - Captures the type of merchant account that is needed and additional information in order to set up the account. You will need to estimate your transaction volume here. 
  • Contact Information - Captures the contact information for the financial person managing the account, as well as an email address for bank statements and customer disputes. 
  • Chartfield  - Captures the chartfield for the merchant account. 
  • Phone Terminals - This section will appear if you are requesting a phone terminal (instead of an online payment merchant). You will need to know how you are going to connect the terminal and also how you get an outside line from your phone. 

Questions: Jesse Buxton

Resources: Training - Accounts Receivable - Payment Card Revenue


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Basic Information
List the Unit for which the merchant account will be used. Ex. College or Department name, County Name.
Contact for the Financial Functions of the Account
Please list the name of the person responsible for the financial aspects of the account. Example: Reconciling the statements, responding to customer complaints, receiving bank statements.
Fund numbers are limited to Earnings/Conference funds 1xxxxx and General Unrestricted Fund Numbers 06xxxx.
OSP Projects are not allowed. UNIV project numbers only please. If appropriate your financial contact may transfer revenue and fees to the corresponding OSP project id.
Phone Terminal Information
List the number of terminals you need - usually 1
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