The 2016 Mileage Training is now available in BuckeyeLearn

April 3, 2017

The purpose of this module is to instruct College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences employees on the correct procedures and calculation methods for use of personal vehicles for university business. 

Learning Objectives

After completing this course you should be able to:

  • Define what constitutes business travel with a personal vehicle
  • Identify the pieces of the university travel policy which apply to personal vehicle use
  • Identify the method and process for submitting your personal vehicle use expenses
  • Understand the use of the FAES Mileage log and the approved methods for calculating reimbursable miles
  • Identify the necessary resources for clarification not provided in this training


Taking the course:

·         Go to and login with your name.# and password

·         Once logged into BuckeyeLearn, use the Search in the top right corner, type Mileage” and hit Enter on your keyboard

·         Click on the training title, and click Request

·         This will take you to your transcript

·         Click Launch

o   NOTE: If the course does not launch, please disable your pop up blockers:

·         If you don’t see a Launch button hover over the Learning tab and click View My Transcript, proceed to Launch the course from the transcript page

·         If you are unable to complete the training all at once, you may return to your BuckeyeLearn transcript to continue work on completing the training

·         The video will require a steady internet connection. If you are mid-training and lose connection you can try again when your internet is stable.


Printable Resources:

·         Links referred to in the online course

·         Printable Slides