Columbus Service Center now able to accept internal vendor payments for units

Jan. 30, 2015

The Columbus Service Center is now able to accept internal vendor payments for units that are providing goods or services to the campus community. This is primarily used when you are collecting paper or emailed registration or other order forms.

Example 1: You are hosting a Horse Symposium and think you might have a few people attending from the OSU Vet Med.
Example 2: You have a new bug disease guide that is printed and available for purchase by scientists who are interested in bug diseases.


When should you not use this process?

  • Your Service Center is in Wooster - email Susan Dimit the event information needed
  • You want to collect registrant information online instead of via a paper form - use RegOnline and collect chartfield information on the registration page using custom fields or use an online webform and submit via In Service Payment Request Form


Internal Vendor Use Process:

Link: CFAES Internal Vendor Use Form

Link: Expense Transfer Form

This is a new process so please let the CFAES Business Office know if you have any questions or suggestions for improvement.