County Endowments

July 10, 2016

University Endowments were established to help support the County Extension program. Often this is for the County 4-H Youth Development program. Most Extension counties have at least one endowment.

Each endowment has its own fund number and fund description which ensure proper accounting for the endowment.

Estimated revenue is transferred into the endowment interest fund in July of each year. Potential expenditures related to the fund description are submitted by county Extension staff based on the input and requests of local committees and approved by the County Extension Director.

OSUE encourages 4-H Educators or related staff work with county committees to determine the budget for the year.

Resources available:

·       The County Endowment Quick Guide, is meant to help guide County Extension Employees in the processes related to spending endowment income.  It has been posted to Training - Procurement

·       The County endowment letter to volunteers is a letter from FAES senior leadership which explains the reasons for the change in endowment income processing.

·       Hot Topics Recording –  Hot Topics Presentation

Questions: Cindy Buxton