Extension Delegation of Approval Changes

April 14, 2017

Delegation of Financial Approval

FAES has changed the method for tracking financial approvals. This makes the previous way we were doing approvals in Extension unnecessary. We have discontinued the old process and made a new help document which includes the following:

  1. Who are unit approvers

  2. What are they approving

  3. What can they not approve

  4. How do they get access to approve

  5. What actions must be taken for local checking accounts

  6. What is the procedure for backup approvers

  7. What training is available for approvers who want a greater understanding of what they are approving.


• New Employee Resource page: http://cfaesfinance.osu.edu/node/282

• FAQ – Approvals: http://cfaesfinance.osu.edu/news/faq-approvals

• Travel Approver Checklist: http://cfaesfinance.osu.edu/sites/cbo/files/imce/Forms/Travel%20Approver...

• Checking Account Training: http://cfaesfinance.osu.edu/training/procurement/checking-accounts-exten...


Questions: Cindy Buxton