FAQ – Approval Requirements

May. 5, 2016

Before a transaction is submitted to the Business Operations Center for processing it should have both a budget and business purpose approval.

Budget Approval: If an expense is split between multiple orgs the approval is required from the unit paying the highest percentage of the cost.

How to obtain additional approvals if needed:

·       Additional approvals can be received as an AD HOC approval in the eRequest system or eTravel system. However, this feature is only available to approvers.

·       Staff can instead get a written signature or email approval and attach to the eRequest, eTravel or checking account backup.  

Additional Approval Types:

Pre-approval required in writing from one-level higher than the unit approver.

·       For the unit approver: Purchases made by someone else for unit approvers that could be seen as personal in nature (ex. Professional memberships, Travel, Equipment, Food – including when the unit approver is in attendance at a meal)

·       By the unit approver: Purchases made directly by the unit approver (ex. PCard purchases made by the unit approver, personal reimbursements)

·       Staff appreciation: Gifts to employees for appreciation (food, gifts, etc.)

·      Development funds to which an approver donates: Purchases on a development fund for which the approver has authority and has donated

Additional approvals needed prior to eRequest/eTravel Request:

See this guide for who should approve these transactions.

·       Alcohol

·       Approvals for direct reports to the dean

·       Branding Items

·       Employee Gifts (tax implications email)

·       Faculty leave or travel over 10 days

·       Gifts over $100 to employees

·       Information Technology purchases

·       Items for the Dean

·       Renovations

·       Sponsorships

No Additional Approvals Required

The university may offer acknowledgement/support (not to exceed $100 and not a gift card) to its employees in the event of: · The birth or adoption of a child · A death of an immediate family member as defined by the Office of Human Resources Family and Medical Leave Policy. · Injury or illness of an employee or his/her immediate family member. The acknowledgement may include flowers, a fruit basket or other non-cash items and should be initiated at the department level to avoid duplication. The $100 is cumulative across the organization so units with employees in multiple locations should work together for such acknowledgements. The normal unit approver may approve these expenses without higher-level approval.


Resources: Purchasing Restrictions, Policies

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