FAQ – Non Cash Gifts, Gifts in Kind

Nov. 14, 2016

A community partner would like to donate non-cash items. What are the procedures to do so?
Non cash gifts are called Gifts in Kind (GIK).

Step 1: Read through the instructions on page two of the Gift in Kind Form

Step 2: Contact the donor

IRS regulations state that the donor has to document the value of the GIK. The documentation of value can be a simple as a receipt for the goods they purchased for us or a $0 or discounted balance invoice from a vendor that indicates the value of the item and indicates that there is no charge or documents the amount discounted as a “gift in kind”. See section IV of the instructions for more detailed instruction.

Step 3: Complete the Gift in Kind Form

Step 4: Submit the form and value documentation to Ohio State University – CFAES Advancement, Riverwatch Tower, 364 West Lane Avenue, Suite B-100, Columbus, OH 43201


Resources: Advancement

Questions: Jacqueline Honeck