FAQ – Relocation Expenses

Sep. 8, 2016

New hires are sometimes permitted relocation expenses. This is something that must be within the guidelines of the Relocation Expenses Policy 2.30 and may be considered taxable income for the individual. Following are the process steps for handling these expenses.

The college’s Human Resource Professionals make sure that letters of offer address relocation expenses, including dollar limits and whether it will be reimbursement or a cash advance option. 

These payments are similar in principle to employee payments/reimbursements for travel or minor purchases, which are processed and approved through fiscal processes.  The main difference is that relocation expense payments are processed in a unique manner, via a special form sent to OSU Payroll Services.  As accurate processing of these forms requires proper chartfield coding expenses, as well as determination of whether expenses are allowable, it is the unit’s fiscal person who handles the payments, not the HR person. 

The university’s Relocation Expenses Policy 2.30 is a very helpful document that addresses eligible expenses, and roles and responsibilities for the two payment options (cash advance and reimbursement). See also the Relocation at Ohio State page which provides information about area realtors and contracted movers.

Process steps:

1.    The new employee should complete the Relocation Request Form

2.    Complete the Relocation Payment Form

a.    the Department Contact should be an eRequest level 2 approver or the unit’s fiscal initiator.

b.    the Department Signature should be that of an eRequest level 1 approver. 

c.    There is also a place for “College/VP Office Signature (Required by some departments)”.  For CFAES, no college-level signature is required.

2.    Attach all original receipts

3.    Attach the letter of offer

4.    Email to taxoffice@osu.edu or send the documents to: Payroll Services, 2nd Floor Lobby, Blankenship Hall, 901 Woody Hayes Dr., Columbus, OH , 43210-4016



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