FAQ - Contracts - Zero Dollar - OSU is receiving good or service

Sep. 4, 2015

Frequently Asked Question

Question: I have a contract where we are receiving a good or service but there is no cost - how do I get the contract signed?

Example: We are renting a projector and laptop from a place we are holding a meeting and they have a contract for use of these items. 

Contracts where we are ordering something, even if there is no cost, should go through the normal buying process and be uploaded pre-signature to the eRequest system. Typically contracts for signature will be either Standard Purchasing Requests or Purchasing Card Transactions and you can choose that type when submitting.

Employee Steps: 

  • Review the contract for appropriateness. Have you filled in anything you need to like contact information? Are all of the business terms agreeable to you?
  • Create a new eRequest: eRequest system
  • Choose Payment Option: Standard Purchasing Request 
  • Attach the contract to the eRequest and a quote if applicable
  • Complete the eRequest as you would any other (Business Purpose, Chartfield, etc.) See the eRequest Initiator Job aid for help.
  • Enter $0.00 for the amount of the contract if there is no fee
  • Submit for approval. 

Service Center Steps:

  • Your Service Center Representative in Columbus or Wooster will take your contract and send to OSU Purchasing for editing and signature.
  • He or she will attach to the eRequest when signed and email the initiator of the eRequest. 

Questions: Service Center Representative

Resources: Training > Grants and Contracts > Contract Submission Process