FAQ - Furniture

May. 5, 2016

Office Furniture

Office Furniture is considered a preferred commodity. This means that there are vendor contracts with the University that should be used when appropriate for furniture purchases, but it isn’t mandatory that they be used.

University Contract Book: https://purchasing.osu.edu/FileStore/Contract%20Book/OfcFurniture.pdf

(Requires OSU Internet Username and password)

Other vendors may be used when they provide better pricing than what is available in the contract book, but OSU will not add a new vendor to the vendor database. Therefore, if the vendor desired isn’t in the system, then alternative payment methods must be used.

Summary by Dollar Amount

·         <$1,000: Orders less than $1,000, any vendor, use an Extension check, University PCard or OSP Amex Card

·         $1,000 - $5,000: Orders between $1,000 and $5,000, any vendor, use a University PCard or OSP Amex Card

·         >$5,000: Orders over $5,000 require a Purchase Order, use existing vendor or contracted vendor

·         >$25,000: Orders over $25,000 require a public bid or use of the contracted vendors

Other considerations: The information above applies as long as you are not disturbing the structure of the building you are in. If you need to disturb paint, floors, walls, ceilings, or if there is electrical or plumbing involved with the purchase, then you must contact Facilities Operations and Development before proceeding.

Resources: Purchasing Restrictions

Questions: Cindy Buxton