FAQ - How to request a Change Order on a Purchase Order (PO)

Sep. 4, 2015

Frequently Asked Question

Question: How do I request a change order on a purchase order (PO)? 

Example: You originally planned to buy 150 books but now you need 200 books, how do you adjust the order so the vendor can send you more items?

Most Purchase Orders require the invoices associated to them to add up to be equal or less than the total PO amount. Some allow for a tolerance, but it is usually safe to assume this is not the case and when you realize you are approaching the PO limit you take steps to increase the PO.

Employee Steps: 

  • Sign into the eRequest system: eRequest system
  • Click Search and find the eRequest that was used to create the original purchase order. 
  • Click the copy button at the bottom of the page. 
  • Put the total amount of the PO (add the old PO amount plus the additional you need to add) in the amount column
  • Change the quantity needed to the combined quantity needed if applicable
  • In the additional information section reference the existing PO number and that you are requesting a change order to increase the PO from xxxx.xx to xxxx.xx
  • Complete the eRequest as you would any other (Business Purpose, Chartfield, etc.) See the eRequest Initiator Job aid for help
  • Submit for approval. 

Service Center Steps:

  • Your Service Center Representative in Columbus or Wooster will submit the request to add money to the Purchase Order. 
  • A PDF of the revised Purchase Order will be added to the eRequest when completed

Resources: Training > Procurement > Purchase Orders

Questions:  Service Center Representative