FAQ - Packing Slips, Proof of Services and Point of Sale documentation

April 7, 2017

Packing slips, proof of services and point of sale documentation. 

Packing slips, proof of services and point of sale documentation are all pieces of documentation that provide confirmation that a good or service was received. In general this should be attached to every eRequest. However it is especially important for those buying tools that are direct billed without additional approvals for payment. In other words...

Packing slips, proof of service and point of sale documentation is required for all Internal Orders over $75 and all PCard purchases over $75

  • Internal vendors are purchases that you make from an OSU department such as rental of space at the 4-H Center or the purchase of lab services on campus.
  • PCard purchases are things that are purchased with a university procurement card and are often shipped goods. 
  • Packing Slips - Are used by vendors that mail items to show what was in the package you received. They may be loose paper or taped to the box itself.
  • Proof of Services - Are used by vendors at the time a service is complete. This usually entails the signing of a quote or invoice.
  • Point of Sale - A receipt from a purchase or service you receive at the time of payment in person. The best way to document this is to write "received" on the invoice or receipt before uploading to the eRequest OR type in this comment: Point of Sale: POS- Goods picked up at retail store

Process: Scan your documentation and attach to the associated eRequest within 30 days of the transaction completion. 

In some cases you may not have a packing slip or proof of services received. In those instances you must go into the eRequest associated with the transaction and make a comment that the goods or services were received. 

Don't forget to click SAVE after making any changes to an eRequest. 

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