FAQ - Panera Bread

April 6, 2017

Panera Bread Purchases

Purchases that are made on a PCard or over the phone with Panera will not receive the correct pricing or timely payment required by the contract. 

In an effort to eliminate these issues.  Process all Panera orders in the following manner:

  1. Contact Panera and get a quote for the order
  2. Enter an erequest with the quote attached
  3. Use the Full Service Catering line found in estores with the $1 value to match the dollar amount of the quote plus any gratuity that you would like to add.  (Example, if the quote is for $375.12 and you would like to have to option of a 20% tip, enter a request with a quantity of 451).

Panera will process an order that has been quoted without waiting on a PO.  Make sure that the eRequest is entered at the time of receiving the quote so that a PO will be generated before the items are received.  eStores orders that are submitted after the event are considered After The Fact and need an exception form.

PCards should only be used for Panera orders in emergency situations.  This ensures that all units are receiving the contracted pricing with Panera.  In the case of emergency orders that require a PCard to be used, please include a comment in the request indicating “Emergency order due to timing of meeting”.

Questions: Carol Allen