FAQ - Requesting a reimbursement to an Extension Checking Account

Sep. 4, 2015

Frequently Asked Question

Question: How do I request a reimbursement to my checking account?

Example: You originally paid the US Postal Service for stamps using an Extension checking account check and want to get reimbursed from a University fund or project. 

Most expenses can be purchased using the normal university buying tools: Internal vendors, OSU Stores, eStores, Purchasing Card or Purchase Order. Occasionally, however, Extension units may use their checking accounts to buy small dollar, non restricted goods. See the Local Checking Account Restrictions for more information about what is allowable Local Checking Account Restrictions. Each month after you have made purchases in the checking account, if you need to get reimbursed, you should submit a reimbursement request. It is important to do this frequently as it helps to maintain accurate accounting systems, it is easier to see real expenses, it is easier to use data to project future expenses and finally it may be critical to the closure or use of sponsored project or endowment grant funds. 

Employee Steps: 

  • Gather the receipts and documentation associated to items that need to be reimbursed.
  • Sign into the eRequest system: eRequest system
  • Click New
  • Choose Payment as the Payment Option
  • In the Description field type what was purchased (examples: Postage - USPS, Postage - Hasler, Room Rental - Library) and the amount of the purchase. We suggest doing one line per receipt. 
  • The vendor should be XXXXXX County Extension - if you know the vendor ID include it here.
  • In the Business Purpose field list the business purposes for all of the receipts. 
  • In the Additional Information field include the name of individuals who attended events with food or beverages or who received gifts. Also include their employee status. If you already have the information in a different file, you can attach that instead of typing here. 
  • Attachments - attach scanned images of the receipts, the check stubs used to pay for the items and any additional documentation explaining the transaction. 
  • Choose the Chartfield for reimbursement (GLBU, ORG, FUND and ACCOUNT). Use as many lines as needed to separate various account numbers. 
  • Submit for approval. 
  • Create a PDF version of the eRequest and print
  • Staple the receipts and documentation to the pdf and mail to your service center representative

Service Center Steps:

  • Your Service Center Representative in Columbus or Wooster will wait to receive your paperwork. 
  • They will audit the paperwork and submit the eRequest for payment. 
  • If the reimbursement is coming from an OSP project the original paperwork will be forwarded to OSP for processing. 

Resources: Training > Procurement > Extension Checking Accounts

Questions:  Service Center Representative