FAQ - Sponsorships

May. 5, 2016

FAQ – Sponsorships

In 2014, The Ohio State University launched a new process to collect information on external sponsorship requests. Depending on the level of sponsorship and/or number of units involved, there is a review and approval process. At this time, the process is intended to facilitate external sponsorship requests that allow an opportunity for a presence of OSU representatives or provide a significant opportunity for a visual presence. Each college has a designated individual that may enter sponsorship requests at the university level.

CFAES Process

While the above referenced process is primarily focused on external sponsorships, the College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences process will address both external and internal event sponsorship. The overall intent is to coordinate sponsorships to leverage the college’s engagement, either through a physical presence and/or through visual representation in programs or advertisements. The following outlines the process to follow when contacted about program or event sponsorship:

CFAES Sponsorship Guidelines

All approvals should be received prior to entering any eRequests for transaction processing.

  1. Get approval from FAES (see above)
  2. Enter an eRequest: Standard Purchasing Request for payments over $3,000, Payment if under $3,000
  3. Attach the approval from FAES above
  4. Attach the Vendor Setup Form for the organization you want to pay
  5. Attach a brief letter/invoice/description of what you are paying and why


Resources: Purchasing Restrictions

Questions: Graham Cochran