FAQ - Staples Advantage Contract

May. 23, 2016

Staples Advantage is the official office supplies partner in eStores.

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Frequently Asked Questions about the Staples Contract

 Questions about Items  

  • Q. Does Staples offer educational items like supplies for 4-H camps, etc? (5/23/16)
    • A. Yes, Staples has an education catalog used for K-12 purchasers. Choose item number 1939948 to order the catalog. 
  • Q. What if I want to order items from a catalog? (5/23/16)
    • A. Order Item number 1785157 for a printed catalog. 
  • Q. What if I have something special I want to buy? (5/23/16)
    • A. Special order office supplies can be ordered via a quote and eRequest - Standard Purchasing Request directly to Staples. 
  • Q. There are a lot of items missing from the catalog, can I not purchase them (Added 1/22/2016)?
    • A. The catalog is designed for basic office supplies but other items Staples sells can be added to the online catalog if needed. Email your Business Operations Center representative with the item number you wish to add (found at Staples.com or in their catalog). They will contact OSU Purchasing who will contact Staples and get the item added to the catalog. This process may take a day to complete. 
  • Q. What is an office supply?
    • A. Office supplies are considered anything that would fall under the university account code: 61201. This would include general supplies for the office that you would have on hand for immediate use. Ex. misc colored paper, pens, pencils, staples, tape. Other supplies such as educational supplies on account code 61203 do not have to be purchased using this contract. 
  • Q. Does this contract and terms apply to non-Columbus locations?
    • A. Yes. The contract is mandatory for office supplies purchased with any University fund. If you are purchasing for off-campus units you can get an FAES Regional view which will allow you to buy items customized for off-campus offices, including allowing you to purchase recycled paper. Contact Jesse Buxton and ask for the FAES view (requires completion of the Institutional Data Policy training in BuckeyeLearn). 
  • Q. Should I be ordering paper from Staples?
    • A. If you are on Columbus campus you should use OSU Stores to purchase paper. If you are not on the Columbus campus you should request the FAES Regional view of eStores so that you can purchase recycled paper from Staples. Contact Jesse Buxton and ask for the FAES view (requires completion of the Institutional Data Policy training in BuckeyeLearn).  

Questions about Purchasing, Shipping and Billing 

  • Q. Can I visit a local Staples and make a purchase? (updated 4/8/2016)
    • A. You can visit a local Staples and make a purchase in emergency situations only. Shopping in-store will not offer you the contract pricing available to the University on eStores. Staples offers an in store option with the PCard but this is not permitted for FAES units. 
  • Q: What I am being billed on the eReport is not the same as what I submitted on the erequest (Added 2/17/16)?
    • A: Staples offers a discount if invoices are paid early - you may see up to a 2% discount on items ordered through them. 
  • Q. Can I purchase thermal paper for the Payment Card Terminal from Staples (Added 1/22/2016)?
    • A. Yes, use item number 452175. Note the roll cannot be larger than 85' in order to fit properly. 
  • Q. Is there a shipping cost? 
    • A. No – there is no shipping cost
  • Q. What is the turnaround time for delivery?
  • A. Next day delivery is available for most items if ordered by 4pm. This should apply to all OSU offices across the state. 
  • Q. What if something is damaged or missing at shipment?
    • A. Go into your eRequest and find your order. Look in the Quote ID field to find the PO number, then call the stores helpdesk 614-292-2694


Resources: Purchasing Restrictions

Questions: Business Operations Center representative
Sherry Huegel (Huegel.1@osu.edu or 614-688-4415) is the OSU project leader for this partnership
Susie Petrak (Petrak.7@osu.edu or 614-688-4675) is our on-campus Staples Advantage representative.