FAQ - Travel accommodations via the ADA office

June 29, 2016

If you are traveling on behalf of the university, usually the lowest cost travel expense is required. In some instances, travelers may be eligible for reimbursement of higher cost travel expenses if they have an eligible medical need. This accommodation must be established prior to traveling.

Travel Policy


XI. Reasonable Accommodations A. Requests for reasonable accommodations for a disability will be considered by units in consultation with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) coordinator.

To obtain an ADA accommodation, follow these instructions:

Email or fax (614-688-3665) the following information to L. Scott Lissner

1.   Travelers name and contact information

2.   How the trip will be funded (department, center, college or grant) and contact information for the individual in the fiscal/business/travel unit making the arrangements

3.   A brief narrative description of the request and why it is necessary (e.g. seat upgrade related to spinal stenosis or for a service animal, dietary need in conflict with conference meal provision, and transporting medical supplies for diabetes….)

The ADA Coordinator will then contact the individual with follow-up questions and any needed confirmation from an appropriate health provider.

Funding: The budget funding the travel is expected to cover increased costs up to $500 associated with an approved disability accommodation (e.g. an increase in air fare). If the cost of an approved accommodation exceeds $500, the unit can request a fund transfer after payment has been made to the traveler or the vendor from the ADA Coordinators Office to cover the accommodation expenses in excess of $500. Email L. Scott Lissner with documentation of the increased cost, proof of payment, and the Chartfield to which the refunded fee should be processed.  


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