Insurance Paid from Extension Checking Accounts - Due 12/31/2014

Dec. 8, 2014

Insurance Paid from Extension Checking Accounts - Due 12/31/2014

Sent to County Director Listserv on 12/8/2014

Good afternoon Extension Directors,

Please forward this email to the person in your offices that manages the checking account.

The University Insurance department allows OSU Extension to pay for insurance for events using the Extension Checking Account. Insurance is a restricted commodity and can usually only be paid with a Purchase Order. However, we received a special exemption for event insurance payments as long as we report annually on our expenses.

Use this form to report insurance that you paid via an Extension Checking Account. This is primarily to be used for American Income Life Insurance (Event Insurance) payments but can be used for other insurances with permission from Cindy Buxton. Please take a moment to look through your checking account for last fiscal year (July 2013 – June 2014) and report all insurance expenses.

Please report here by 12/31/2014. All units should report – even those that have not paid for event insurance from the checking account – there is a place to record this.

I am looking for information for July 1, 2013- June 30, 2014.


You do not need to report anything paid with the PCard or with a Purchase Order, we can capture that data from the General Ledger.

Additional Information about insurance coverages available here:

This form allows for reporting of 10 payments. If you have more than 10 payments - submit the form multiple times.