New electronic exception form now available

May. 8, 2018

The CFAES Electronic Financial Transaction Exception Workgroup (Lisa Simpson, Tyler Schechter, Shirley Lin, and Lisa Wilson) has launched a new Electronic (paperless) workflow process to review and approve financial exceptions. The process utilizes DocuSign and does not require additional training.

The Electronic Financial Transaction Exception Request is a 2-step process.

Step 1 "Complete the PowerForm" to establish workflow routing

Step 2 "Complete the Exception Form" for approval and auditing purposes.


Attached is the CFAES Electronic Policy Exception Process template that explains the process in greater detail.   This template should be updated with approver names and e-mail addresses and should be sent to the requestor to start the process.

The link to the powerform is included on the attached template and is also on the  website under financial forms.  The template and pdf fillable (old version) are also on our website for future reference.   

Questions about the process should be directed to our CFAES Business Operations e-mail address or you can contact Tyler Schechter (Schechter.27) directly.

Special Note:  Please be sure to use the most revised powerform link Electronic Exception PowerForm as previous test versions will now be deleted from the system.