News item Revised Overnight Travel Reimbursement Form

March 15, 2017

The revised Travel Reimbursement Form for FAES has been posted to the web under Forms - Travel.

The goal of the new form is to provide further clarification to some parts of the form.


·      Shaded areas will help travelers know what fields must be completed

·      Information has been provided on how to document personal miles

·      Space as been added for eRequest numbers for related transactions

·      Questions to help document proper information for hotel stays has been added

·      Instructions for attaching the conference or meeting agenda for meal verification have been added

To make processing travel faster it is important that everyone uses the same form. As of July 1st we will no longer accept any other paper form for travel reimbursements. Please share this with your travelers.

Note: If your unit has received special permission to enter directly into the eTravel system for reimbursements you may continue to do so.


Resources: Travel Training

Questions: Carol Allen