Payment Card Guidelines Updated

Jan. 22, 2016

The Payment Card Guidelines have been updated. Formerly known as the Credit Card Terminal Guidelines


  • Now called Payment Card instead of Credit Card to better encompass all payment types and be consistent with the University language. 
  • Guidelines now include information for both phone terminals and online processing systems. 
  • New section about security issues and incident reporting. 
    • Protecting cardholder data is everyone’s responsibility. Known, suspected, and alleged incidents involving lost, disclosed, stolen, compromised, or misused cardholder data must be reported immediately to a) Your Supervisor, b) Matt DeVore, c) Brian McClain. Matt and/or Brian will contact the OCIO: by e-mail to and by phone to 614-688-5650.
  • New section defines employees roles and responsibilities. 

Resources: Training - Accounts Receivable - Payment Card Revenue

Questions: CFAES Payment Card Team: Security Liaison Matt DeVore, Merchant Manager Brian McClain Assistant Merchant Manager Carol Allen