Payment Card Monthly Terminal Inspection Checklist Updated

Feb. 2, 2016

The Payment Card Monthly Terminal Inspection Checklist has been updated by the Treasurer's Office. 

Find the new form on the Forms tab. 

This form is to be used monthly for those with a phone terminal to certify that it has been inspected for any evidence of tampering. If you see tampering on your terminal contact Merchant Manager Cindy Buxton and Security Liaison Matt DeVore.

Changes to the form:

1.     Added information about “ceiling inspections” - #10

2.     Added information about inspecting the pin pad. Part “B”

3.     Retitled the form for better clarity.

4.     Added information on who to contact.

5.     Used lighter grey background so it is easier to read when completed.

Source: Training - Accounts Receivable - Payment Card Revenue

Questions: Brian McClain