PCard Documentation Clarification

Jan. 27, 2017

As a college, FAES has the ability to be more restrictive in policies than university policies when the benefits to being more restrictive outweigh the costs. 

Effective February 1, 2017, FAES requires an eRequest be completed for all PCard transactions, including when a PCard is used for conference registrations, airfare, rental cars and other travel expenditures. 

This change in FAES policy is more restrictive than PCard Policy 2.23 that allows reallocation using an “eRequest (or appropriate alternative, such as eTravel Request).”  FAES is requiring an eRequest for all PCard transactions, and alternatives (e.g., completing an eTravel Request but not a eRequest) are not allowed.  The reason for the restriction is to avoid a practice that can significantly affect the efficiency of the reallocator, due to the limitations of the current financial systems.

As a note, other large colleges at OSU have adopted the same restriction. 

Questions: Brian McClainCindy Buxton or Lisa Simpson

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