Pesticide Applicator Training Process Changes (Extension Only)

Feb. 10, 2017

The process for distributing Pesticide Applicator Training earnings has changed.

The changes will allow for better tracking of the transactions associated with the program as well as reducing the number of fund transfers processed by the college. 

Private Applicator Training Process Map

In an effort to make the transition to the new PAT process  as smooth as possible, we set up a workflow document outlining the steps involved from start to finish. We also attached examples and screenshots of what you can expect to see on the general ledger (GL), forms to use, and Chartfield references.

Our goal is for this document to be at hand for the staff who will be directly involved with revenue handling and expense tracking. Also it should help the reviewer of the county GL understand what they are seeing each month on the monthly reports.

We hope this document can answer any immediate questions you have regarding where to allocate revenue and how/where to enter PAT related expenses. 

Additional Details:

PAT earnings.  All private PAT meeting earnings will now go into one fund, but coded with the unit's Org for which it may be used.   This applies to all private PAT earnings whether taken in by the county or taken in by central registration.  

  • Find deposits on your eReports 4OS-91 Report, Fund 110790 Private Applicator Training
  • An overhead rate of approximately 5.7% will be charged each month on the deposits made 

ODA FACT funding.  All of the ODA support for 2017 into one fund.   A budget will be established for your Org number allowing you to spend the proceeds directly.  

  • eReport 7OS-90 Report, Fund 530137 PSEP Nutrient Certification Program


Resources: Resources - University Chartfield

Questions: Ashley Levesque