Sales Tax update – no tax added for soil samples

Dec. 2, 2016

Soil samples

Historically we have been told to charge tax on soil samples because the cost of them exceeds the thresholds required. Debbie, from Meigs County found a section in the landscaping legislation that shows that soil samples are exempt from sales tax. We have confirmed this with the sales tax office at OSU. So if you are currently collecting sales tax for soil samples you may stop doing so. No need to go back and do anything on previous orders. Great detective work Debbie!

Sales Tax Job Aid and Slides Updated – but not the video   

The Sales Tax Job Aid has been revised for this soil sample addition and edited to make it clearer. Check it out if you have questions on sales tax.

The Sales Tax Video Slides have been updated to revise the soil sample information. That is the only thing that was changed on the slides as this is a newer document. The video however has not been re-recorded so please note the discrepancy.


Resources available: Training – Accounts Receivable – Sales Tax