Travel News

March 31, 2017

Travel News

March 2017 Concur Booking Tool Update

Ohio State utilizes the IUC Contract with Enterprise/National, which provides competitive rental car rates with the University required insurances included in the daily rate (exceptions apply with International locations). The travel office has activated a policy control feature in the Concur Booking Tool when travelers/arrangers make Vehicle Rental reservations. 

Activating the policy controls in the Concur Booking Tool will not prevent/block a reservation with another rental car agency, but will provide prompts to remind the traveler of the insurance requirements (CDW and LDW Required, no other insurance allowed), while allowing the traveler to provide reasoning when it might be appropriate to use another rental agency (e.g. no vehicles available in particular location).

Example Message: Warning This option breaks one or more company travel rules...


January 2017 Travel Frequently Asked Questions updated

See the CFAES Supplement to the Travel Guide

The first half of the document are FAES specific questions which have been slightly updated since last year.

The second half of the document are the University questions. Added recently:

·         Is there a preapproval distinction for business trips and normal workday activities?

·         Can I purchase an upgraded seat instead of  business airfare for international flights?

January 2017  Parking at the airport travel resource posted

Click the airport parking icon on the travel page to see information on allowable parking options at the airports in and around where you live.



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