Business Office Update : May 2016

May 2016

Business Operations Center Update - PDF Version

We have a new name

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We have had many names, Fiscal Office, Business Office, Finance Service Center... but for future reference we will now be called the Business Operations Center (BOC) for FAES Finance.

Also, we have said farewell to Robert Concitis and Christine Benson who have accepted other positions at the university. On 6/1/16 we will be welcoming Erin Bauder and Robin Gates to the Business Operations Center. Welcome to Erin and Robin!


Travel Changes effective July 1, 2016

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In order to create consistency for customers in the Wooster and Columbus BOC locations we are changing some requirements for travel submissions for quicker reimbursements and better controls.

•        eRequest number for PCard and pre-payments required on the Travel Reimbursement Form

•        Agenda for registration required to be attached to Travel Reimbursement Form (unless already attached to Travel Request).

•        Itinerary for airfare required to be attached to Travel Reimbursement Form (unless already attached to Travel Request).

•        Blanket T numbers will be limited to only transportation expenses (no overnight costs).



Purchasing Card (PCard) Changes July 1, 2016

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For All PCard Users:

-        Sponsorships guidelines have been added to the supporting documentation requirements. This requires approval from FAES before making the purchase. Sponsorship Guidelines

-        PCard Statements: PCard statements must now be reviewed and signed by the PCard manager AND an additional person in the unit. This creates stronger internal controls.

-        PCard Statements: PCard statements no longer need to be mailed to the Columbus BOC. (Cards that were reallocated in Columbus previously had to send statements to Columbus).Statements can remain in a file with the PCard manager.

-        PCard Statements: The Business Operations Center may periodically request the PCard manager to mail one month’s statement and log to verify that proper procedures are being followed.

-        Records Retention: Reminder – PCard statements and logs should be retained for 4 full years. Local copies of support documentation (receipts, attendee lists, packing slips) that have been scanned and attached to an eRequest should be retained for 60 days prior to destroying.

For Extension Only:

-        User agreement forms and unit director agreement forms have been eliminated. The only form required for PCard designating PCard authority is completed by the PCard manager at the time of application. Unit directors may still choose to limit who may use the PCard. This simply eliminates the formal process for documentation.

-        The Overnight Checkout Form is now optional. It may be used at the discretion of the PCard manager but is not required,

-        A Non Capital Equipment Log is no longer required to be uploaded to the eRequest for PCard transactions. The log should still be updated as purchases are made; it is just no longer required to be attached.


Promotional Items Update

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Do you purchase items to give away or as a fundraiser for your office? Did you know that there is a different vendor list for items that are for-sale than for items that are given away for free? The new Promotional Items Guide is intended to help you place purchases for promotional items.

The new guide encompasses all parts of the process for ordering these items including:

·         What approval is needed?

·         Choosing a vendor

·         Getting branding approval when applicable

·         Instructions on placing an order

·         Tax implications




FAES Exception Form effective July 1, 2016

Effective July 1st all FAES units (including Extension units) with exceptions to university policy will be required to complete an Exception Form prior to the transaction being processed. This includes exceptions such as over 90 day travel submissions, after the fact purchase orders and lost or missing receipts. Many units have already been using the form. Implementing for the entire college will create consistency among units and help to educate initiators and approvers of common mistakes made in transaction processing. The unit is responsible for attaching the form with the first three approvals completed to the eRequest or paperwork being submitted to the Business Operations Center.

Exception Form

Building, renovating, buying, selling or leasing space?

For all – COPIED FROM OSUTODAY 5/19/2016

Facilities Operations and Development (FOD) and Planning and Real Estate (PARE) are your experts for all university property transactions and campus construction and renovation projects. Work with an FOD or PARE project manager to determine a timeline, scope and budget for your next project. Our team will walk you through the process to ensure all university, state and federal requirements are met. To learn more, watch our project overview video or submit your project request today.


Upcoming Deadlines

·        5/27 – PCard Deadline

·        5/30 – Offices Closed

·        5/31 – Fiscal Year 2017 Purchase Order renewal eRequests due

·        5/31 – Extension Volunteer Insurance Invoice due

·        5/31 – Extension Checking Account signature report due

New on the Website

·        FAQ on Approval requirements News – this describes basic approvals and when extra approval is needed

·        FAQ on FurnitureNews – this describes buying options for furniture for OSU offices

·        FAQ on Sponsorships News – describes the process and approvals required for sponsorship donations

·        FAQ on Bank Statements News – describes process for external bank accounts in FAES

·        FAQ on Online Banking News – describes restrictions on online banking for external bank accounts

·        FAQ on Store Savings Cards – News – describes restrictions on the use of in store savings cards

·        FAQ on Staples Updated News – the education catalog has been added to the FAQs. Search Item #1939948. General catalog is #1785157.

·        2016 Travel Training page created - News – mileage training is posted, Pre & Post Trip training coming soon.

·        New Employee Training page created - Training –provides an introduction to the college and outlines required training needs.

·        FAES Discovery Theme Guidance posted Resources - direction for those departments that are hiring Discovery Theme faculty

·        4-H Volunteer Background Check process – Training – directions for submitting volunteer background check reimbursements for 4-H volunteers

·        Revenue Guidance and Deposit form  - Forms – directions for depositing funds for FAES units