Account number use

All Units

The CFAES Finance Website has a new page for University Chartfield information. This page includes information on basic chartfield use, requesting new funds and links to list of accounts and program values available for use.  Check it out under Resources – University Chartfield.

The commonly used account numbers list is available for your use when trying to document transactions. Account numbers tell what you are purchasing. These are largely left up to the unit to choose at the time of the transaction, but your Service Center Representative may change the account number if there is something required by the University for what you are purchasing. (ex. 6340x for Travel, 61201 for Office Supplies, Food account number for Food costs).

Below are some best practices for the use of account numbers:

Acct #


Suggested Use


Revenue Account Numbers

Revenue coming from external sources should be deposited to account numbers 40201-42983

Avoid using generic account numbers like Sales and Service 1 and instead find something more specific


Revenue coming from an internal OSU unit should be deposited to Intra University Revenue numbers between 45001-45304

Expense Account Numbers


Office Supplies

Supplies you keep in a cabinet or on hand for everyday use

Pens, Pencils, Staples


Scientific and Educational Supply

Supplies you need specific for a program or event.

Binders, Specialty paper



Paper for office printers, copiers and fax machines

Box of recycled copy paper



Events to work with your peers on an issue

Registration fee for OCVN Coordinators Workgroup


Conferences and Training

Large scale conference registrations

Extension Annual Conference


Seminar & Training Registration

In-service professional development

Pesticide Applicator State wide Training Registration

Food Account Numbers


Food and Meal Costs

(attendees required)

• Use this for events for Employee Recognition.

Can be used for other food purchases as well.


Business Meals

(attendees required)

• At least one non-university employee must be present and necessary for the business discussion

• Itemized receipts are required

• Document the time, date, place, and business purpose


Food for Teaching and Research

• Used when you are using food as a teaching tool or for research purposes.

• Where the primary purpose for the purchase is not consumption.



(attendees required)

• Used for served meals


Meals at University Function

(attendees required)

• Attendees may include students, employees, or external stakeholders

• Meals may be provided at seminars, workshops, orientation, student functions, board meetings, retreats, etc.

• For large events, i.e. recruitment, a copy of the invite that was sent and a

description of who it was sent to will be acceptable in place of an attendee list


Refreshments at University Meetings

(attendees required)

• This includes light snacks/refreshments such as bagels and coffee.

• When purchasing refreshments for an event (for example, using the P-Card to purchase refreshments at Kroger), purchase Coke products – this applies to units that reside in Franklin County.