(Extension Focus) Non Capital Equipment Log Reminders

This article is for Extension units. Much of what is listed here is relevant to all CFAES units, but the specific log and procedure mentioned are for Extension Orgs. 

Recently we have reviewed your Non Capital Equipment Logs - submitted each March to the Business Office. There are a couple of items that we want to reiterate because we saw repeated issues. 

1. If you indicate that an item is A) removed from the office and B) assigned to one individual then that individual must have signed an Agreement for Assignment of University Property Form. That form should be sent to Extension Human Resources. Fax 614-292-5100.

2. If you indicate that an item is A) removed from the office and B) shared by the office then you need to be sure an equipment signout form is filed where people sign the equipment in and out as needed. 

3. The log should be completed in full. Common items missing:

  • Tag # from the Log – If you are out of tags in your office you can order more.  
  • Serial # - find this information on your item
  • Model # - find this information on your item
  • Location or name of person assigned to equipment - List the location of the equipment or the name of the individual the item is assigned to.

4. Note that there is a Historical tab at the bottom of the Non Capital Equipment Log Template. This allows you to remove items from the main template that you no longer have. If you move anything to this tab during the year you should include that page when you send in your log.

The form has been slightly updated for branding purposes – you are not required to copy your old form here but are welcome to if you choose.

If you have any questions about the Non Capital Equipment Log, ask Shirley Lin.