Calendar Year Purchase Order Renewals Due 11/28/2014 (For Extension)

For Extension County Units

  • Soon each office should receive a list of their CY2014 Purchase Orders. This list is intended as a reminder to help you renew your 2014 purchase orders.
  • Each PO will require a unique eRequest.
  • Don’t want to wait for the list from the Business Office? Review the bottom of each page of your 7OS-90 October eReport to see the current POs for your unit.
  • Please submit renewals for ongoing Purchase Orders as well as one time purchase orders – this will help you to prevent After the Fact POs in the future.
  • You can estimate the amount of the renewal, exact figures are not required.
  • Purchase Order renewals may exceed the normal two week timing standards for requests. As renewals come in we prioritize all requests according to when we believe the PO is needed. As always if you need something right away make a note in the eRequest and have your approval mark the request as critical.
  • Purchase Order Renewal Job Aid
  • Contact your Business Office Representative with questions.