eStores Vendors – Use eStores through eRequest whenever possible

All Units

All eStores purchases should go through the eStores system via an eRequest.


OSU Purchasing has been working to solidify contracts with suppliers that are frequently used by the University to save costs and administrative efforts related to purchasing goods and services.

When Purchasing re-negotiates contracts, the eStores system creates an incredible database of information that can be used to get reduced pricing, free shipping and other benefits.

When an OSU Unit chooses to use a contracted vendor but instead purchase in store or online using a PCard, personal payment or Extension Checking Account we cause several issues:

1)     The University doesn’t get the detailed data it needs from the eStores system

2)     Billing errors are more frequent and we get charged for things like shipping that are usually exempt

3)     Often the contract price is not extended in store or online so we end up paying more for contracted items or services.

That’s why it has been the guideline that all eStores vendor purchases should go through eStores  via an eRequest.

The University currently allows for exceptions to this but those exceptions should only be used when there are extreme circumstances such as emergency situations. Many people stretch this allowance further than just emergencies. This topic has been covered recently at Purchasing sessions and there is a possibility that ordering through eStores via an eRequest will be mandatory in the future. We wanted to let you know about the guideline and encourage you to not purchase items from eStores vendors without going through the eRequest system to do so.

Questions? Contact your Service Center Representative