Extension Annual Conference (For Extension)

For All Extension Employees

Registration Information: http://extensionhr.osu.edu/AnnualConf/annualconf.htm

Business Office Session is on Day 1, Tuesday December 9th 1:30-3:45.

o   Part 1  130-245   Traditional Business Office Update

o   Part 2   245-300   Questions and Answers

o   Part 3   300-345   Game with Business Office Trivia

Travel Reminders for those coming to Annual Conference

With Annual Conference coming up it is important to plan your trip now. Remember you are only eligible for lodging and meal reimbursement if you travel more than 45 miles from your home or work site to the conference. 

Before the trip, you must have preapproval from your supervisor which can be done in three ways:

1.      Requesting a T# through the Travel Request from: this is required if using the PCard to pay for the hotel

a.      If a T# is created before the trip, your supervisor is not required to approve the travel reimbursement as long as the reimbursement does not exceed 20% of the travel request.

2.      Using the Extension Pre Travel Worksheet: have your supervisor sign and submit this with your travel reimbursement form

3.      Requesting approval though email: request a reply from your supervisor and submit a print out with your travel reimbursement form.

a.      See the Electronic Approval Job Aid for more detail

After you document preapproval, you can start planning your trip. Here are some tips:

·        Lodging: You are eligible to be reimbursed for up to the single room rate with a detailed receipt showing payment.

o   If you use the PCard for payment be sure to have the state and city sales tax removed from the bill.

o   If you share a room, request a detailed receipt showing payment of your portion of the bill

o   If you choose to pay for optional internet connection,  include a business purpose on the reimbursement

·        Per diem: While on travel status you are eligible for meal reimbursement. Only meals that are not included in the conference or provided by the hotel (continental breakfast) can be reimbursed.

The per diem rate is $56 for Columbus ($23 dinner, $12.50 lunch, $12.50 breakfast).

o   You may request reimbursement for you actual meal expenses up to the per diem rates.

When you return form the trip, complete the Travel Reimbursement Form. Attach all receipts and mail to the Business Office . It will be reviewed and process by your Business Office Representative.

If you have any questions contact Robert Concitis at 614-292-5245 or Concitis.1@osu.edu.