Conflict of Interest

Conflict of Interest Form

A Conflict of Interest Form is an on-line form that is completed by every OSU faculty member annually. A&P and CCS employees complete the form if they serve as a principal or co-principal investigator of a project or have buying authority for the University. 

Conflict of Interest Frequently Asked Questions

  •  Log onto the Conflict of Interest page here: Conflict of Interest

  • To learn more about the Conflict of Interest form, click on the HELP button at the top of the form

  • If you have problems logging on see instructions above for contacting the OSU Technical Service Center.

  •  If your project will include research that involves human subjects you will need to have your research plans reviewed and approved by the  OSU Institutional Review Board.  Click here to learn what you need to do Human Subjects Review Information.  

Tips to Help Extension Educators Complete the Conflict of Interest Form

Information needed

What it is and what goes on the line?

University Title

Your title, not your rank      Examples: Educator, Program Director, Leader

OSU Employee ID

An 8-digit number you can find on your pay check or pay stub  


Your Tenure Initiating Unit is the Dept of Extension


Your college is FAES, CFAES or the College of Food, Agricultural & Environmental Sciences

Where you are assigned

The location of the Department Chair's office.  For Extension it is Columbus Campus

Research Role
Questions 1-3

As you respond, consider all types of externally sponsored projects -- training and service projects as well as research.

Financial Disclosure

Questions 4 and 5


If you answer yes to either question in this part, you need to complete question 9 and upload your plan.

Intellectual Property

Questions 6-8

These questions refer to  IP that has been licensed through OSU, not other creative works that are developed routinely as part of your work.

Management Planning

Question 9

Answer NO unless you have answered YES to one of the questions above. If necessary upload your plan to manage or eliminate the potential conflict of interest.

Finally, click on SUBMIT FOR APPROVAL at the bottom of the form.

If you have questions, phone or mail: Angie LeMaster at 614-292-6470 
                                  2120 Fyffe Road, Room 6, Columbus, OH  43210