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Delegation of approval authority must be documented in writing. The following is a list of common questions regarding the CFAES approval process. 

Approval Needed Primary Backup
Department Chair expenses and employees who report to the Dean Graham Cochran Eric Bode
Serving or selling alcohol expenses Eric Bode  
Alcohol restaurant consumption Eric Bode  
Exceptions to University policy Eric Bode Lisa Simpson
Accounts Payable Documentation Eric Bode Lisa Simpson
Contract for services we are providing Legal Affairs  
Contracts for goods/services we are receiving Purchasing  
County-Based Educators and Staff County Ext. Director  
County Director Travel Regional Director  
County Director eRequests Regional Office Support Staff  
List of approvals required before submitting an eRequest or eTravel See pdf  
PCard Maintenace and Application Forms (assigned by service center) Eric Bode Lisa Simpson
Sponsored Programs Forms (PA-005, Cost Transfer Forms) (Extension Orgs) Angie LeMaster Ken Martin
System Access Requests Jesse Buxton Lisa Simpson
Unit Head Approver List 9/29/2016    


University Policies

Accident Reporting Protocol

Policies Home Page - Resource for all University Policies

Business and Finance Policies - Find Internal Control, Expenditure, PCard, Travel and Purchasing policies here. 

Public Records Requests: Each unit that serves the public should have a posted copy of the Public Records Policy in your office. Please post this somewhere where your employees can see it such as a break room or work room. If you don’t have a common space please ensure each employee gets a copy personally. All records requests for OSU Extension should go through Ken Martin, 614-247-8808

Internal Audit Recommendations May 2015
     Presentation on recent internal audits completed for CFAES (YouTube)
     Slides for the presentation above (PDF)

Federal Policies

OMB Circular A-133 - USDA Funding Guidelines

OMB Circular A-133 Chapter 3 - Allowable/Unallowable expenses

OMB Circular A-21 - Educational Institutions

State of Ohio Policies

Ohio Ethics Law

Ohio Revised Code Chapter 3335: OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY

Ohio Sales and Use Tax

CFAES Policies

FAES Policies

Internal Control Structure

FAES Information Techonology Policies

ATI Library Policies

OARDC Policies

OARDC - Information Technology Policies

OARDC - Facilities Services Policies


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