Fraudulent Activity and Scam Notices

 Fraudulent Activity and Scam Notices

Ohio State University is a large public institution and is the target of many scams and attempted fraud activities every day. A wise employee is cautious about who they talk to and what information they provide. 

Be Suspicious!  
Ask Questions!    
"May I take your information and call you back?"

Purchasing Cards

CFAES has many compromised card numbers - most of the time this not because a card was not secured but there are some tips that can help you to keep your card secure

  • Keep the card locked as though it was your own personal card. Don't leave it in a folder in your car while you run in someplace to get something. 
  • Pay online at stores without an online account - check out as a guest customer so that your information is not saved.
  • If you need to have an account online don't allow the vendor to save your credit card data, or if they don't have an option to remove it go back and delete the number once your order is placed. 
  • Review your bank statement as soon as it is received. Don't wait. Report issues immediately. 

Credit Card Terminals

Phone calls or walk in visits from people phishing for credit card terminal makes and models are a red flag. This usually means they are trying to get data stored on the machine.

Each terminal has a non capital equipment tag on it - check each day to make sure the machine sitting in your office is the same one that was there yesterday. Criminals will sometimes swap machines in the hopes that you won't notice. 

Purchase Orders

Phone calls and emails phishing for Purchase orders and item information usually mean someone plans to use your PO without paying for items. Vendors don't have a list of who is authorized to use a PO and you won't find out until the invoice that there is a problem. It is critical to reconcile eReports monthly to make sure all charges are yours. 

Copier Toner

Phone calls, emails or faxes from what seems to be a familiar vendor trying to get you to buy toner from them versus a normal supplier. Note that if you are leasing a machine through UniPrint the toner is free! 

UniPrint notice about Toner Pirates


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