Mailing Issues

Mailing and Shipping Issues



In order to create a consistent message for the University, envelope orders with return mailing addresses are required to be purchased from OSU UniPrint. Envelopes that are not using the current brand standards should not be used to mail things external to the University. If planning to mail out from Columbus campus, your chartfield for interdepartmental billing should be at the bottom of the envelope with the barcode. 

Campus Mail

Columbus campus – Intercampus mail is collected daily by UMS staff and delivered same or next business day.
Regional campuses – All intercampus mail addressed to regional campuses is held in UMS for pick up by staff from the regional campuses. 
County mail - Extension Administration pays for a weekly mail packet to be sent to each County Extension Office. The drop off for County mail is in the Agricultural Administration mailroom. The sender must be labeled on all mailed items. 

Outgoing Mail

Regular Mail

Express Mail

Express mail that doesn't go through USPS is required to go through the University's UPS mailing system. 


Inbound Mail

Inbound mailing for items shipped to campus will usually run through Central Receiving

Many companies are part of the University's Inbound Freight Program. Meaning you may pay a specific vendor for your products, but the items will be delivered through a University contract and the postage will be paid to Vantage Point Logistics (VPL). If you see VPL on your eReports you can access this document for instructions on reconciling those transactions. 

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