Service Center Resource Guides


“CFAES Resource Guides” are internal high-level summaries to provide departments and end-users baseline information related to policies, guiding principles and/or best practices for some expenditures. 

If a “CFAES Resource Guide” does not specifically address a question or circumstance it is the department’s and/or end-user’s responsibility to seek clarification prior to the expense occurring.  It should not be assumed that omission of a topic equates to allowability. 

Message from the University

As a major public institution, the Ohio State University is held to a high level of accountability for its business practices. Every effort must be made to ensure that funds are used in a responsible and appropriate manner consistent with the university mission, applicable law, and ethical practice. As stewards of public funds, we have great responsibility to protect financial resources with wisdom and discipline; inspire ethical and prudent decision making; display courage and speak out on unethical or illegal behavior; and embrace the highest standards of fiscal stewardship and accountability. At the core of this effort is a formalized system of articulated roles and responsibilities, explicit approval authorities, and internal controls designed to mitigate the risk of financial impropriety and any resulting damage to the university’s reputation and public trust.

Workday Job Aids

“CFAES Resource Guides” do not include tutorials for Workday system functions.  The University manages all system tutorial Job Aids via the University’s Administrative Resource Center (ARC).  Job Aids are regularly updated given Workday enhancements and migration of new functionality.    

University Policies

“CFAES Resource Guides” may contain or cite information from multiple University policies (partial list below).  Complete University policies are located at

Some policies may have overlapping and/or conflicting guidance.  If this occurs the University requires the most conversative and restrictive policy be applied. 

“CFAES Resource Guides” may include references and content from:

  • Expenditure Policy
  • Fiscal Stewardship Policy
  • Accounts Payable Policy
  • Purchasing Policy
  • PCard Policy
  • Travel Policy

CFAES Guiding Principles

University policies may not address all scenarios and circumstances.  Thus, the college has established some guiding principles and business standards that are “common sense” and/or “in the spirit” of University policies. 

Internal Dialogue Prior to Purchase

Some “CFAES Resource Guides” encourage or recommend internal dialogue prior to an expense occurring.  Internal dialogue will confirm allowability, policy compliance and/or best course of action.  Below are individuals who can most likely can assist end-users with navigating purchases and expenses.   

Department (1st Level of Contact)

College (2nd Level of Contact)

Department Leaders

Cost Center Managers (CCMs)

CFAES Service Center

Senior Fiscal Officer (SFO)