PCard General Information


Facilitation and monitoring of CFAES PCards is a collaborative effort by college departments (CCMs), CFAES Service Center, OSP Administration, University PCard Office and Business and Finance (B&F). The below is not all-inclusive. It is strongly recommended cardholders/card managers and card users seek internal guidance for current policy and allowability prior to use of a PCard.

Key Updates with Workday Implementation

  • University and OSP: The University and OSP utilize the same PCard program.  OSP retired the AMEX program. 
    • PCard options and descriptions of each are available at busfin.osu.edu/buy-schedule-travel/pcard
    • All University-related purchases are reviewed by the CFAES Service Center.
    • All OSP-related purchases are reviewed by the OSP Service Center (GSSC).
    • Cardholders/card managers are responsible to understand proper usage for each card type.
    • NOTE: University PCards may only be used for non-OSP grant funded purchases. In turn, OSP PCards may only be used for OSP grant funded purchases. The different funding sources are not interchangeable on the same PCard. Individuals are permitted to be assigned both a UNIV and OSP PCard issued if approved by department CCM. 
  • University Requirements: At card issuance cardholders/card managers must agree to adherence to all University policies, procedures and protocols including training, policy compliance, card security and Workday (system) functions.    
  • University and CFAES Resources:

Understanding PCard Roles and Responsibilities and Compliance Monitoring

  • University and CFAES Oversight: Both the University and CFAES monitors PCard compliance. Either entity can suspend and/or revoke PCards for non-compliance. 
  • “Unexpensed” Transactions: Cardholders/card managers must submit an Expense Report (ER) for each transaction within 7-days of the Workday (system) load date. A PCard transaction is considered “unexpensed” until the time an ER has been submitted to workflow for final compliance review and approval. Failure to meet the University’s 7-day business standard can result in suspension of an account(s) for a 30-day period.
  • Departures & Extended Leaves: The HR status of cardholders/card managers is monitored by the University. If a cardholder/card manager departs CFAES, or, on extended leave:
    • PCards must not be used after the person’s departure.    
    • PCards are prohibited to be “internally transferred” to another employee’s oversight. The account must be closed, and new account opened and assigned to another employee. 
    • It’s recommended departments proactively manage departures avoid disruption in card availability.
    • CCMs are encouraged to contact the CFAES Service Center to discuss best practices for extended leaves by the cardholder/card manager.

CFAES PCard Assistance (Both University and OSP PCards)

  • Please do not submit completed PCard forms directly to the University PCard Office. 
  • Applications for CFAES PCards and/or maintenance (edits) of existing are internally facilitated through the CFAES Service Center on behalf of college employees. 
  • The CFAES PCard electronic request is located at cfaesfinance.osu.edu/pcard-applicationmaintenance-request