Payment Card Revenue

Payment Card Revenue

FAES has three primary ways to accept payment card payments (i.e. credit cards and debit cards). 

1. Gifts through university advancement
2. Payments through a payment card phone terminal
3. Payments through Cvent or another online processor


Gifts through University Advancement

Gifts can be made via payment card to any university development fund (3xxxxx, 4xxxxx, 6xxxxx). 


Make sure that you share your FUND NUMBER with your donor so the money reaches your fund.
To send a gift by mail, download a giving form. Mail completed form—and check, if applicable—to:
The Ohio State University Foundation
1480 West Lane Avenue
Columbus, OH 43221
If sending a check, please make payable to The Ohio State University Foundation. 


Make sure that you share your FUND NUMBER with your donor so that they search for the right fund online. Better yet send them the direct link to your giving page.
Our safe, secure online giving site allows donors to search or browse through thousands of funds to quickly and easily make a gift.
Make a one-time gift


Make sure that you share your FUND NUMBER with your donor so that they provide the right information when calling University Development.
Call 614-292-2141 and have the payment card information ready.


Payment Card Phone Terminals

Payment Card Terminal Guidelines

These guidelines go through the following steps to Payment Card Terminal Requirements. 

  • Step 1: Decide if this is the right option for you
  • Step 2: Learn about security requirements and setup a merchant account
  • Step 3: Complete some forms and purchase a terminal
  • Step 4: All users in the unit will need to complete online training
  • Step 5: How to use and reconcile your phone terminal transactions

Payments through Cvent or another online processor

Cvent - is an online registration system that allows FAES units to collect registrant information for events they are holding and collect payment for those events. This is an alternative to setting up your own merchant processor.

NOTE: we are currently unable to add new users in CVENT. If you would like to be on the waitlist, please email Jesse Buxton and he will contact you spots become available.

Key Pages:

If you would like to use an online processor other than Cvent, contact Jesse Buxton with a basic description of who you want to use and what you plan to use it for. The process for adding additional online payment processors is long and difficult. It will take many weeks to set up a merchant account and to negotiate the terms of the contract with the online payment card processor. Additionally, in many instances the request will be denied because the processor isn't secure enough to meet OSU's strict security standards. If you want to do this - plan well in advance of the needed service. 

Questions: Jesse Buxton

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