Report of Users of Payment Card phone terminals and online systems

The university requires that anyone who handles, processes or supports the processing of payment cards, credit and debit cards, at the university to complete annual PCI, Payment Card Industry, DSS, Data Security, training. This applies for both phone line terminal users and online system users (ex. CyberSource). Each user will need to complete PCI Training and a background check prior to a unit implementing or continuing to use a payment card processing system. 

This forms helps us to identify the individuals who need training. 

For phone terminals - everyone who resides in the office with the terminal must take training - even if they will not be using the machine. If they have physical access to the machine their names should be listed on the form below.

For online accounts - everyone with a sign on to the account must take training - even if they don't handle payment card numbers, each individual using their account should have their own sign-on. Their names should be listed on the form below.

At this time you only need to complete this online form, users will be notified with directions on necessary training. 

This form should be completed annually (due March 31st of each year) and also when someone new is hired in your unit! 

Questions: Jesse Buxton

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