University Development

University Development

Also known as the OSU Foundation, OSU Advancement or the 4-H Foundation. 
FAES is committed to improving our world through outreach, research and education.  The college is fortunate to enjoy generous support from many individuals and organizations. University development assists with the asking for donations, receiving and depositing donations. 

Donations should only be put into the following university fund numbers. Donations should never be put into other funds or into an Extension Checking Account. 

  • 3xxxxx - Current Use Gifts
  • 4xxxxx - Pending Endowment Gifts
  • 6xxxxx - Endowment Gifts

Development funds are reported under a different FEIN or Tax Id than the university. That number is 31-1145986

Questions about University Development can be directed to CFAES Development or your Business Office or Fiscal Office representative.
For OSU Extension Orgs, questions can be directed to Angie LeMaster.


Link Format Description
Auction Value Reporting Form pdf Use to report the donation value of items sold at fundraising auctions. 

TAS - the Advancement System slides

pdf slides for presentation below
youtube video audio visual presentation on using TAS
Development Funds - How to pdf general instructions on dealing with development funds
TAS system Access Instructions pdf instructions on getting access to TAS
University Policies Page Weblink Fund-Raising Policies
OSU Public Giving Site Weblink public site for donors to research and give to university funds
Endowment Administration Weblink public site for individuals to research endowments and their descriptions
TAS - The Advancement System Weblink university system for tracking donations
CFAES Development Weblink CFAES department in charge of gifts to CFAES
The Ohio 4-H Foundation Weblink Extension department in charge of gifts to the 4-H Foundation
University Advancement Weblink University department in charge of gifts to the University - Link Shortener Weblink Website that allows you to shorten a link to make distribution easier
Fund Request Form Forms page Form to create a new development fund
Gift - In - Kind Form Forms page Form to document non-cash gifts
Deposit Transmittal Form Forms page Form to submit cash and check donations received by the unit

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