Asset Management

Asset Management

Records Retention: Active + Six Years

Asset management is a systematic process of deploying, operating, maintaining, upgrading, and disposing of assets cost-effectively. Assets refer to equipment, such as computers projects as well as to the furniture we use in our offices. Assets are managed by the OSU Office of the Controller. This is also known as Equipment Inventory or just Inventory. 

If you have questions about Asset Management start by contacting your Business or Fiscal Office Representative
For Extension Orgs the Office Associate in the Columbus Business Office is the Equipment Coordinator.

Depending on the purchase cost, equipment is classified as either capitalized or non-capitalized. 
Capitalized equipment items have an acquisition cost of $5,000 or more. If an item is made up of separate pieces that together form a logical unit, the total cost of the pieces determines the classification. In other 
words, if the costs of the pieces add up to more than $5,000, the overall unit is considered capitalized equipment. 
For non-capitalized items (those items with a purchase price of less than $5,000) tracking is done in the Department. Records for movable equipment which originally cost between $1 and $5,000 should be 
maintained by the using department. The record keeping for these items need not be extensive; a simple listing of the items, their serial and model numbers, and their purchase cost and date will suffice. 


Asset Management Tools Format Description
Asset Management Training slides pdf Slide presentation for youtube video below
Equipment Guidelines pdf Overview of Equipment guidelines
Capitalized Inventory Report pdf Instructions on accessing the capitalized inventory report in eReports
Non Capitalized Inventory pdf Job aid for tracking Non Capitalized assets
OSU Office of Business and Finance Weblink Asset Management Policy (4.21) found here
OSU Office of the Controller Weblink University department in charge of Asset Management
OSU Surplus Weblink University department in charge of Surplus Assets
PeopleSoft Procurement System Weblink System used to track assets
Off Campus Disposal Request Form Forms Page For off campus equipment tracked within the financial system. Equipment that is off campus and not tracked in the financial system doesn't need a form. Follow disposal guidelines and move items to the historical tab of your equipment log. 
Asset Management Forms Forms Page Links to Forms used in Asset Management

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