Off Campus Disposal of Capitalized Equipment Permission Form

Capitalized Equipment are those items with a purchase price of over $5,000. Tracking is done in the financial accounting system. Disposal of these items is a three step process.

This form should be used only for equipment not housed on the columbus campus! If equipment is on the columbus campus surplus must be used. 

Step 1: Complete this form asking for permission to dispose of equipment without going through OSU Surplus. 
If you would prefer to transfer the equipment to surplus, use the link to complete the surplus form. If you are on columbus campus you must go through surplus. 

Step 2: Once you have received the email approval from the business operations center you may dispose of the equipment. 
See disposal options on page five of this document

Step 3: Complete and submit an Asset Retirement Form. Attach the email approval you received in step 1, email the form and approval to cfaesbusiness.

Questions? cfaesbusiness

Resources: Training - Asset Management



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