Cash, Checks, Payment Cards, Sales Tax and University Development

This page  is referring to the collection and depositing of funds received from individuals that owe the university money. This does not cover how to track and report receivables on a larger scale such as those tracked by FAES Communications for delayed payments for sale of publications, those handling such large scale receivables should read and follow university policy related to this. 

Where OSU deposited funds live

  1. Owned Funds - see those fund numbers that appear on your 3OS-61 eReport
  2. Shared Funds - see those fund number that appear on your 7OS-90 eReport - but are not on your 3OS-61 report.
    Examples: 011000 General Funds, 530801 Extension State Support, 530189 OARDC State Support
  3. Project Funds - see project numbers on the PI Portal
  4. Extension Checking Account Funds - see the balance in external bank accounts for off-campus Extension units only


Check and Cash Deposits
Payment Card Revenue
Sales Tax
University Development

Use the links at the left to find out more information about receiving and recording revenue. 

Accounts Receivable Tools Format Description
Invoice Template Word Document use to bill external customers for money due