Registration System: Creating and Managing an Event

System Login

  • Website:
  • We all share the same Account Name FAES001
  • The username will be your university login Name.#
  • Your password will be unique – this is not connected to the university single sign on.

Event Training

Before you start designing, take an introductory course.

Click on the Cvent Community link at the top of the page. Then search for “Event Training” Scroll to the article named Event Training. 

Cvent Community (Online Customer Support) Use the support pages for all of your questions. There is online training, job aids and ways to reach out for customer support. We pay for this service per user so use it as often as is needed. 

Event Creation
This class teaches you how to build your first event. This includes setting up an agenda, collecting fees, customizing the registration process and event website, importing your contact list, and creating and sending invitations.

More Registration Features
This class teaches you about additional event features like how to organize sessions, group registration, and discount codes.

Event Promotion and Communication
This class teaches you how to effectively promote your event and get the most out of your messaging.   

Invitee Management
This class teaches you how to manage attendee details, register for an invitee, record payments, and run reports.  

In total these four courses should take about an hour and a half and it will give you a foundation for what you need to know to create and manage an event.


Templates: You will begin on the Templates view. The templates here can be opened, allowing you to preview what the system looks like and the branding limitations before you get started.

View: Use the dropdown for the View option to find your unit’s past events.

Create Event: Click Create Event when you are ready to begin designing your event

Creation Method

You will have three choices when creating an event. We recommend that you either choose “Using an event template” for your first time or “Using an existing event” for repeated events. This will use pre-populated templates for branding purposes.

Important! If you have a design that is drastically different from the template please email your idea to prior to creating your event.

Custom Event Field

FAES Unit: Each event must be tied to an FAES unit – this helps to create the custom view when you first sign into the system as well as to select the payment processor for your unit.

Payment Options

OSU Registrants: You can collect Chartfield information for internal registrants by using the registration pathway in the event template labeled Internal Registrants. Delete this path if it is not needed. 

Service Fee Option: The system offers the availability of a service fee for certain payment methods. The university prefers that we   not charge a fee for certain payment methods but instead build the cost into the overall registration fee.

Refund Policy: It is a good idea to build refund terms into your event. However, when you do so the system will automatically do       refunds when someone cancels from an event. Read the instructions on refund policies clearly by searching "Refund Policy" in the   customer support page.  

Event Management

Refunds: Refunds will need to be done manually if you don't have a refund policy established at the time of the event. Search "Refunding a Transaction" in the online customer community page for instructions. 

Cancelling an Event: Search "Cancelling an Event" in the community. 

Unregistering Registrants: By default, Cvent gives all registrants the ability to cancel their registration, but, if the option was disabled or the registrant is unable to do so, you can always unregister them yourself. Search "Unregistering Registrants".

Substituting Registrants: Somebody taking a registrant's spot at your event? Don't make that change the hard way. Simply transfer their agenda, items, and payments into their replacement. Search "Substituting Registrants"

The community has help for running reports, recording check payments, sending invoice copies, changing your event, using event emails... and more.

Next: See our page on Financial Reconciliation for your event.